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Free Poster – Keep Calm & Use Paragraphs

Free Poster – Keep Calm & Edit Carefully

First Impressions Count… in Your Classroom..

How to ensure you create a strong favourable first impression on that all-important first day in class? Here are some tips:


Watching: “Teaching English the Fun Way: The Game” on YouTube

Redeeming Features for Teachers..

Teaching is a hard job, and not everyone can manage it. There has to be a good reason to come in to teaching, and better ones to stay in, if you're going to survive a career of it.

Teaching in a Digital Age.. Helpful Sites to Get You Up to Speed..

ICT isn’t going to go away, and if we’re not going to be ridiculously behind, we have to do some digital learning… here are some sites where you can find information, download resources, and be inspired:

Here's this month's free poster - grab it now! Your classroom should be a source of positive messages for your students. Simple affirmations on your walls, rotated regularly, can be potent attitude-changers.

Welcome to Gotta Love Teaching..

Every teacher wants an engaging and effective classroom, but becoming a star teacher is easier said than done, especially in the early years when you feel like you're only just keeping your head above water. I hope that you find the advice... Continue Reading →

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