Why create an engaging classroom?

Your classroom supports you in what you do. A visually stimulating and interesting classroom has a lot more impact than we often believe. It can alter students’ emotional reactions toward your class and create a positive atmosphere. It can help you to build a rapport with them. Studies have suggested that a carefully designed room can do up to 25% of your teaching for you! And the opposite is also true – a poorly designed and uninviting room can destroy any enthusiasm students may have brought with them.

Ask yourself this; when your students’ eyes are not on you – what are they seeing? Are they seeing your enthusiasm for your topic, your subject, your job? Reinforcements of concepts or things they’re learning? Images of items they need to remember or associate with? Positive messages that make them feel confident? Don’t underestimate the value of this ‘accidental’ learning they pick up along the way.

That’s where we come in. It can be difficult to find the time to decorate classrooms (particularly when you move between rooms) along with all the other things we need to get done. So we’ve done some of the hard work for you. Just choose a design, print it out, and get your room working for you. Your students will thank you for it 🙂

How the heck do I do this?

1. Choose the poster design that suits your needs.
2. Click on the link to add the poster to your shopping cart.
3. When finished shopping, click on your shopping cart to pay through our secure online checkout using paypal or credit card.
4. After payment, check your email to see if your link has arrived. It may take a few minutes.
5. Click on the download link in the email, and open the design on your screen. You will be able to click this link 3 times before it expires.
6. Print to the size you want.
7. Put it up in your classroom and admire. Pat yourself on the back for creating an engaging and visually interesting environment.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it secure?

Our online shopping cart has an SSL security certificate. If you can see a little padlock icon in your address bar, you’re covered and can feel safe using your credit card. Of course, paypal is always an option!

What if I muck up my email address and the link doesn’t arrive?

Easy. Just email us at _____ within 7 days and explain the situation. We’ll send you another link manually.

What if I pay for a poster and the link doesn’t arrive?

Easy. Just email us at _____ within 7 days and explain the situation. We’ll send you another link manually.

Why are your posters so cheap?

Because we are saving the biggest costs involved – production and transport – by getting them to you digitally. The only thing you are paying for is the design and the right to display our designs wherever you please. No waiting weeks for your poster to arrive in the mail! Therefore, we can offer them to you at a crazy low cost – and for the price of getting 1-2 professionally printed posters, you can get 10-12! Using our designs here at School Posters is going to cost a lot less to fill your walls and get your room looking good.

How do I print it?

Well, this is really your choice. You could just print it on the best quality printer you have available to you at your school – you can easily scale our designs to A4, A3 or even A2 if you are able to print that size at school. And if you really do want a monster poster, you can always download the poster onto a usb or memory card and take it to your nearest print store to have it printed on a larger scale. Our designs are created using a professional program that allow you to print to a large size without loss of quality.