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Know Your Mission: Finding Purpose in Your Life & Work as a Teacher..

Staying in touch with the reasons you became a teacher is one of the best ways to ensure you don’t get jaded and lose your enthusiasm in the rigmarole and beauracracy of teaching life...



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How does a teacher have ‘Presence’ in the classroom?

Lots of people talk about effective teachers as having a mysterious 'x-factor' which gives them special powers when presenting in a classroom. That's a bit sad, though, because it kind of means that you either have it or you don't,... Continue Reading →


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Free Resource – Hints for Teaching Tricky Words to Teenagers

How to Create Rapport & Make Classroom Management Easy..

Creating a positive feeling between you and your students is a very basic building block for successful teaching. With a good rapport, even the most difficult students will bend to your will. Without it, even good kids will act out and play up. So how does one go about creating rapport with students?

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First Impressions Count… in Your Classroom..

How to ensure you create a strong favourable first impression on that all-important first day in class? Here are some tips:

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